Monday, June 16, 2014

Today was the first full day of the NAMGBR show here in French Lick.  BTW, do you really know where French Lick is?  Bet most of you have little idea.  Well, today, we decided to check out the neighborhood and see what is around.  We had breakfast at Denny's, the HOT spot across the street.  We went on a short drive to the BIG metropolis of Paoli about 11 miles away and had Lemonade in the local Pub with the smokers!  We learned that you can smoke in the pub but not within 8 feet of the entrance.  Something about kids being exposed to the smoke.  That is local law.

On the way back we took one of the self-guided tours.  We turned on the right road - 825 and tried to follow the directions.  Unfortunately, the directions and the existence of the signage with the highway numbers was a bit off.  We did find the Orangeville Rise where the Lost River appears from under the rocks.  But we also found a gravel road leading to a quarry (which we were not supposed to find).  Fortunately we found our way out and back to the hotel.

After some quiet time, we joined about 60 other drivers for a 48km ride to a state park and dinner.  We joined a nice group of people and had a lovely time despite the rathe poor quality of the food.  My neighbor at dinner was Bud from California and Luddington, MI.  He had been behind us on the drive when something strange happened with the Midget but we still are not sure what as it went away.  The good news is the Bud followed us back to the hotel.  No repeats on the return.  More tomorrow on this after the rolling tech session with John Twist, the guru of things MG.

We were supposed to go to a drive-in movie tonight but the X Men was less than enticing to most of us.  It was also starting way too late.  So we returned to the hotel, joined with some of our friends and talked the evening away.

On to the new day tomorrow.

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