Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One of the highlights for many at these national shows is the rolling tech session with John Twist. Of University Motors in Grand Rapids, MI.  After the Midget misbehaved yesterday on the way to the dinner at Spring Mill, I figured it was best to have John look at the car.  His session was scheduled to start at 10 so I showed up at 9:40 only to see that I was already 11th in line.  Having never done one of these, I figured that I would be there for a couple of hours.  WRONG!  John was very thorough with each car and I took many notes for future reference.  When my car finally made it to the tent after 3 1/2 hours, he looked at the wheels and figured out that something was wrong that caused the high pitched squalling the day before.  The suggestions I had been given by Scott in Atlanta, Charles here in FL and a few others was that I may have simply picked up a rock and it ground out with the squeal.

After John's exam, we pulled the car into some shade and with the help of many of the guys, but most important Pete Cosmides from NJ, we took the four wheels off and took a careful look at the breaks.  Nothing was found with the breaks.  But, we discovered that two of the lug nuts were stripped and the  holes for the bolts holding one of the wheels on were in bad shape.  I was advised to change the tire onto the wheel for the spare and find some lug nuts.

All of this took the rest of the afternoon.  Jack had some spare lug nuts which was fortunate since they are not available in FL.  Dr. auto, a local auto repair shop took care of the tire and wheels and we are set for the trip home.

The evening was spent with the group dining at Hagens at the local golf course and then quiet conversation witH many of our aAtlanta friends over some excellent Malbec.

You may have noticed that Barbara was not involved with much of the car stuff today.  That's because she spent a large part of the day at the  West Baden Springs Hotel.  It is the sister hotel of the French Lick and has a beautiful architecture that really interested her.  She was hoping that I would join her there for lunch, but that was not to be.  Fortunately for me and our friend Steve, the ladies brought us lunch for when we finally left the tech session with our cars in better shape.

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