Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good evening from French Lick!  That's right, I missed last night so here goes for two days.  But before I begin, a word about the lack of pictures.  I am using the IPad instead of the laptop and have yet to master taking pics with the LG phone or the IPad and upload them to this site.  Sorry about that.  But there is a solution.  Please log onto our friend's website and read his stories and you will see the pics.  Here is the login.- - notice the two 't's in the middle of the first word.

Crossville, TN was an interesting little town with several sites that we chose to pass on.  One was the world's largest tree house with about 80 rooms.  It was near the hotel but has been officially closed for over a year although you can see part of it.  Instead we departed for a short ride to the spectacular Burgess Falls State Park near Sparta - about a 45 minute drive.  The falls are magnificent even though only some of us made the trek to the second of the four falls.  This is a park well worth the stop if you are in the area.  But be prepared for the serious hike of over a mile along the river, where the trail is up in the trees above the river and is anything but flat and smooth. The four of us who made the trek were delighted by what we saw.

After the falls, we were off to Lebanon, TN for a light but delicious lunch at a road side stand.  Then we headed to Bowling Green, KY.  The drive was easy and the weather could not have been better from the temperature and humidity perspective.  The high thin clouds made it simply a pleasure. Of course, all along the route we kept expecting the other contingent from Atlanta to catch up with us, which didn't happen.

Once we arrived in Bowling Green, Barbara and I went for a swim and caught some rays.  Steve and Madell joined us and we kept a watch out for the others to arrive which they did about an hour after our arrival.  Part of our experience at this Hampton Inn were the spectacular other cars in the lot as part of another car event in the city.  After dinner, many of the drivers were in the parking lot enjoying great conversation.  But this is getting ahead of myself a bit.

Our little group decided to head out for dinner while most of the others ordered pizza delivery.  Our dining expert, Kathy, quickly discovered that her first choice was closed - permanently.  So, she checked around and found Montana's which is a local eatery.  When we arrived, we discovered a full house with people waiting for their tables.  Fortunately, Kathy had made a reservation for the 7 of us and we were ushered right to our table on the side porch with the windows open.  We enjoyed another excellent dinner with great service.  And following our tradition, we ended the evening with a stop at Culver's for some Soft Ice Cream.  This brought back memories of our stop at a Culver's in 2011 in Wisconsin - or was it Illinois.

When we woke this AM, many of our group, including me but not Barbara, were off to the Corvette Museum.  Since Jack and Kathy didn't go, the pics I took are only available by request as text messages.  Seeing the famous whole was quite something as were the corvettes that fell in and were brought out.  Some had minor damage while others were a total wreck,

We departed from bowling Green in two groups.  Our little group grew by one car with John and Penny Scarpucci.  We took the back roads where we counted all the stop lights in the little towns.  The biggest town had four.  We made most of the lights so we hardly slowed down all the way to Owensboro on the Ohio River.  As it was lunch time, we looked for a place right off the road and stumbled on a Mexican restaurant that turned out to be just the kind we like - an owner operated one of a kind or as we call them, locally owned locally operated or "lolo".

The last 80 miles or so were totally uneventful.  We arrived at the French Lick Resort around 4:00 which was 3:00 in Bowling Green.  This meant that we had gone from eastern time to central on our first day and back to eastern when we entered Indiana.  Strange as we kept going north and west!  The evening here in French Lick was basically quiet with a lot of meeting up with old friends and making new ones.  Of course, Barbara did get in her swim after dinner and before the hospitality suite opened.

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