Friday, June 20, 2014

Almost home as we arrived in Chattanooga this afternoon about 15 minutes after our friends Penny and John Scarpucci who stopped in Nashville after the show in French Lick.  The drive from Lebanon was delightful. The showers that passed thru Lebanon this AM were gone by the time we loaded up and we were basically rain free all the way south.  The top was down and the sun poked in and out of the clouds.  The drive was about 220 miles and we only have a few things of interest to report.  First as we left Campbellsville, KY, we got behind two Corvettes from New York at a stop light.  We expected them to take off and leave us behind, but...  After about half a mile of slowly following them, we decided to pass and see their faces.  No reaction and they stayed behind us until their turn off about 30 miles later.  Guess they were in no hurry - and neither were we.

The drive south led us to Hardscrabble, KY where we filled up with fuel from an old pump.  How many of you remember the pumps that don't shut off when they are filled?  How many of you remember the pumps where you have to actually turn them on with a lever?  This tiny town had one of these and it filled us to overflowing.

Once we were on Rt 127, we could just sit back and enjoy the ride.  We passed Lake Cumberland and went over the dam so had a birds eye view of the lake and the River below.  Once on Tennessee, we cruised along until we reached the Highlands winery.  We tasted and tasted and walked out with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to add to our collection.   Then we were on the way to lunch in Crossville, TN where we spent the night on the way north.  We stopped again at Forte's where we talked with the owner/chef and his wife.  She remembered us from before.  Again a delightful meal.

Then for the last 80 or so miles.  We stopped for fuel and realized we were near Whitwell where the middle school students collected 6,000,000 paper clips to remember those who died in the Holocaust.  The Memorial that was created at the middle School is quite impressive and is dedicated to the idea that intolerance and hatred should not be tolerated.  As we left the community, we had another car incident.  Something popped and the car stopped.  As I checked under the bonnet, I discovered that the wires to the spark plugs - numbers 1 and 2 had become disconnected.  After a call to Scott, I put them back together, started the car and all was fine.  The nice part was the guys who stopped to see if we were alright and waited until we were ready to depart.  He was concerned that we might be stuck in the hot sun in the 98 degree heat.

After that it was a short ride into Chattanooga and some quiet time with John and Penny at the bar and then for dinner.

Tomorrow, we head home.

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