Thursday, June 19, 2014

A taste of shine and a taste of wine!  No, that's not quite right.  It should be 4 tastes of shine and 6 tastes of wine!  That was our afternoon outing in Lebanon, KY after we arrived here.  We did about 150 miles today crossing over the Ohio River at Brandenburg, KY and crossing south of Louisville.  What we discovered was Ft. Knox.  We stopped at the welcome center to capture it on film or whatever you call those digital images, so we could share it with Barbara's brother and sister-in-law who got married here the first time in 1972.  We also captured an image of the 6 bars of gold on display.

Our next stop was in Bardstown for lunch at a lovely downtown Tavern in a very old building now also serving as a bed and breakfast.  When we pulled into the lot, another MG was there already.  Yes, someone from the French Lick show who we shared coffee with this morning.  After lunch we drove down the Main Street only to pass a group of MG's and then saw another group parked on the street.  All had been in French Lick but none were sen on the roads we traveled.

Another 40 or so miles after that we pulled into the Alpaca Farm and B&B in Springfield.  We were greeted by the alpacas along the road and then by a young man who just became the Inn's manager.  Barbara looked in the shop at the products all made from Alpaca yarn/wool.  It seems we were a day or two late to see the shearing of all 43 alpacas.  The young man gave us a short tour of the B&B before our departure for Lebanon.  After a short stop in town, we stopped at the Visitors office to get our bearings and find some recommendations and then on to the Hampton Inn.  After settling in a for a bit, off we want to the distillery down the street called Limestone Distillary.  We were greeted by Amber and Lisa for the tour and tasting.  We saw the Spanish copper Distillary equipment and had a great explanation.  The owners of this particular place are descendants of the original Beam family through the male line, meaning that they are REAL Beam's!  The only problem is that they only opened this operation 2 years ago and the first batch of Bourbon is not yet ready.  Instead, we were treated to Moon Shine - 4 different types and walked away with a special one we hope to share with Amie and Bill next month.

At this point Barbara was through with tasting but I still wanted to visit the winery a few miles away. So off we went to White Moon where we were welcomed by the couple who own and operate it.  Our tour was led by the woman who is the wine maker.  We had a delightful tour along with my tasting 6 different types but only was was close to my liking so we bought it.  I think we will need to have a group over to try our wines from Oklahoma, Virginia and Kentucky.

After a delightful swim we were of to dinner at the highly recommended Rosewood Golf Course Bar and Grill.  It was the most informal place we have been on this trip - especially based on the name.  But the food was quite good and the service very nice.  Then back to the hotel where someone fell right to sleep.  Tomorrow will be the longest driving day of the trip (in either direction) over 200 miles on beautiful country roads.

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