Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Day on the Road

We just love adventures and today was certainly one to forget - especially if you are Jack and Kathy Orkin, our traveling buddies. We met early in the AM in Canton and drove for nearly four hours without a hitch. Following Routes 140 and then 41 we passed through Chatanooga and then crested Mont Eagle. But when we came down the far side of the Mountain, Jack developed some problems with his fuel intake. Before we knew it, time had flown by and we had worked on the car in Manchester, Murfreesboro and Nashville. We met some beautiful people who were more than helpful. We did have a wonderful Southern style lunch in a little LOLO on a side street in Murfreesboro. After arriving at our hotel about 8:00 in the evening, we had a light dinner of Frozen Yogurt, Fresh fruit and nuts. Then came a relaxing swim and now to bed for our early morning start tomorrow. We are looking forward to an uneventful day which should end with our crossing the Ohio River on a ferry.

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