Sunday, July 10, 2011

“50 Years of Midgets – A Spridget Event!!”

We are four days out from the start of our big adventure in our 1961 Midget. On Thursday, we will head out early for our rendezvous with our friends the Orkins and from there we will head north mostly along US Hwy 41 into Tennessee and then north to Kentucky and Illinois. The Midget is running marvelously at the moment. It’s newly rebuilt engine from last summer is running smoothly, The new generator, tachometer, tires and exhaust system are in perfect running order. All in all, it sounds great and drives beautifully.

As the excitement increases, we continually think of more little stuff that we need to purchase or do such as the Kool Ties and Compression Sacs to keep our necks cool and our clothes squeezed tight so as to take up less space, and loading the software on the laptop to accommodate the uploading of pictures. And, of course, there are the all important decisions about what we can fit in the tiny space of the trunk. Twelve days and eleven nights on the road requires very careful planning.

If you follow our blog, you will see pictures of us at various points of interest along with a running commentary.

We welcome your interest in following our adventures to the BIGGEST Birthday Celebration ever for our ’61 Midget.


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