Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 4 – From Beans and Corn to History and High Tech

With only one more, short pause to check on the brakes, we finally made it to the end of Illinois. As I figure it, we covered more than 600 KM going through this state over two long days. The sign welcoming us to Wisconsin made us all feel like we are really going to make it to our destination.

After a good Chinese dinner in Elkhorn, Paul and Jack studied the map for the next day’s drive while talking to Phil from Florida who will be joining us along the route. Then we capped off the eveing with our daily dose of soft Ice cream at Culvers where we learned what Buttery Burgers are. Jack and I then spent a few minutes cleaning and washing the dirt and grime from the long ride off the cars. In the morning we will make the last short drive into Elkhart Lake and greet the other Midget and Sprite people who are coming to the show.

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