Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Final Day in Wisconsin!

Yes, today was our final day at the 50 Years of Midgets. We started with a beautiful drive through the neighboring country side following the Kettle Moraine Drive. About 25 of our cars were in the parade including one Mini Van. After the drive, we started the last Tech Sessions and arranged for parts to be delivered when necessary. I worked on two items in the Midget – the Tachometer and the Master Cylinder cap. The first we decided to simply disconnect for the ride home and the second I was presented with a new cap to replace the cracked one. Dave Woerfel, who chaired the entire program, was my guide and provided the new cap. Jack got started on replacing the caliper on his front brake and planned out the switch of the fuel pumps.

We then drove with the Orkins to Sheboygan for lunch and for both Jack and Kathy to have their first glimpse of Lake Michigan (and for that matter, their first glimpse of any of the Great Lakes). On the way back to Elkhart Lake, we stopped to fuel the cars with a special Racing (Leaded) Fuel that has no Ethanol!! We expect our cars to run much better on the drive tomorrow. Then we headed back to finish the tech session on Jack’s Midget. We started with switching out the old Fuel Pump under the car with the new one we had installed under the bonnet and then with guidance from Peter Caldwell and others we switched out the caliper for a new one that arrived about 4:00 PM. Jack and I both got very dirty but cleaned up well to make it to the closing banquet just in time for dinner and the program.

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