Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bridges, Rivers, Open Highways and Old Towns

We’ve enjoyed a very busy and interesting day traveling through 3 states and crossing several rivers. The first was the Vermillion River which fed into the Wabash. This was neat since we had passed the North Fork of the Vermillion three times the day before on our way to Danville. Our first stop was Parke County, Indiana where there are about 40 covered bridges. The county is the Covered Bridge Capital of the country. We left our route to cross the Wabash River and turned onto some local county roads where we visited 3 of the bridges and took pictures. We actually drove across 2 of them but the 3rd and longest was only to look at. It was there that we met a great guy who had just purchased a Midget for his wife as she was having difficulty with his TR3 that he loved. Yes, he stopped just because he saw the Midgets. He told us about a number of sites to see on our journey south and presented us with a map of historic sites in Indiana. One of the sites is the Historic town of Vincennes which was the original capital of Indiana and has the oldest Main Street in Indiana.

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