Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Which comes first? Sunscreen or bugspray?

We woke to another extremely HOT day. The temps were expected to reach the HIGH 90’s and the humidity at the same levels. (This is about 10 degrees hotter than in Atlanta today.) One of the issues in Elkhart Lake is the plethora of mosquitoes and biting flies – and their size. As you can tell, the title reflects one of the great challenges that many have in deciding how to protect themselves from the elements. For the most part, Barbara was not very successful but my bites seem to disappear overnight without a problem.

We had a terrific day! It all started with being able to sleep a bit later as the opening drive didn’t start until 10:00. And, it was a very special drive. We started in front of the hotel with an escort by the Sheriff and his deputies. We drove the complete course of the 1951 and 1952 races that started it all off in Elkhart Lake. No that is not quite correct – the first race was in 1950 and it was on a smaller course. The difference was between a 3 and a quarter mile course and a 6 and a half mile course. We did the longer one. The crowds in the 1950’s grew from a few thousand to over 100,000 spectators in just two years.

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